Earnest Words:
1.) alluring- (adj)- very attractive or tempting; enticing; seductive; fascinating; charming
My first husband won me over with his alluring personality.

2.) deceit- (noun) an act or device intended to deceive; trick; stratagem
You will be forever punished for the deceit you displayed to your brother.

3.) domesticity- (noun) the state of being domestic; domestic or home life. they were a royal family living in a unpretentious domesticity.

4.) eccentric- (adj) deviating from the recognized or customary character; irregular, erratic, peculiar
The kid was displaying some very eccentric behavior while at the doctors.

5.) effrontery- (noun) shameless boldness; presumptuousness.
The effrontery of Lady Bracknell's opinion on the engagement of Cecily and Algernon is not surprising.

6.) epidemic- (noun) an outbreak or product of sudden rapid growth
The AIDS epidemic spread all throughout Africa.

7.) grotesque- (adj) odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre
The body was deformed and grotesque as it slowly decayed back into the earth.

8.) indignation- (noun) - a strong displeasure for something unjust, offensive, or insulting
I have a strong indignation for taking make-up quizzes and tests, when I'm not ready.

9.) indolence- (noun) disinclined to exert oneself; habitually lazy; conducive to inactivity or laziness; lethargic
As I walked into the classroom for the first time, I was hit by an overwhelming aura of indolence emanating from the lazy students.

10.) mercenary- (adj)- working or acting merely for money or other reward
It is not good to work strictly for mercenary purposes, because you should enjoy your job.

11.) metaphysical- (adj)- highly abstract, subtle, or abstruse
I was mesmerized by his metaphysical philosophy on life.

12.) misanthrope- (noun)- a hater of mankind
People have been so mean to me lately I think I am starting to become a misanthrope to society.

13.) oblige-(verb)- to constrain by physical, legal, social, or moral means.
Every Sunday I am obliged to attend religious services with my parents.

14.) susceptible- (adj) open, subject, or incapable of resisting stimulus, influence, or agency
She was highly susceptible to the disease because her immune system is so weak.

15.) temperance- (noun) self-restraint, as in behavior or expression.
I will try to be a good citizen and maintain a calm temperance at all times.

16.) vacillate- (verb)- to waver in mind, will, or feeling; hesitate in choice of opinions or courses.
As much as I tried to vacillate my mothers mind, she wouldn't change her first reaction to ground me.